Florianópolis - also known as Santa Catarina Island - is a special city. Almost all of its territory is an island - just a few neighborhoods are located on the peninsula mainland. with high Human Development Index (HDI) is the capital with better quality of life of the country.

Combines environmental conservation and historical heritage, with high rates of education and income of the population - about 400 000 inhabitants - and good urban infrastructure and services. The nature is spectacular.

Magnificent beaches - are 100, of all types, from rough seas with large waves to sheltered coves, hills covered with vegetation of Atlantic islands, sandbanks, dunes, mangroves and lagoons. About 45% of the island and for permanent preservation. The strong influence of the founders of Portuguese and Azorean settlers, is seen in architecture, cuisine and the cultural and religious practices.

The city also has great places for conventions, trade shows and presentations. The Convention Center (CentroSul) can accommodate up to 22,000 people to concerts. The script for restaurants is privileged. It ranges from world class facilities with even the most simple, the beaches, with a wide range of menus and prices. The nightlife is busy in all regions of IIHA, with bistros and pubs in strategic locations which exhibit privileged views of the city.

Highlight for points known as the Lagoa da Conceição. The capital also has shopping malls, theaters, cinemas, museums and international airport.