Samuka Hotel is located on the east coast of Santa Catarina Island, in Lagoa da Conceição (50 meters), an idyllic location surrounded by hills, dunes, beaches and lagoons. It has a privileged location, 15 km from downtown Florianópolis, 8 km from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), exits to the north and south of the island and close to the beaches of Joaquina (2.5 km) and Mole (1, 5 km), famous beaches for surfing, with open sea and strong waves. Other also important beaches and also famous are the Barra da Lagoa with its beautiful canal, filled with restaurants, linking the sea to the Lagoa da Conceição and where there is the TAMAR project basis which helps in preservation of species of turtles, making its way visitations to the animals, who can rely on their care. Hide at the north of Mole Beach, accessible by trail can be found one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, known as Galheta, is situated in the secluded corner of the Municipal Park Galheta. So isolated that nudism is released to supporters of this practice, but it is not an obligation. In Galheta Park you can also find archaeological sites with rock inscriptions and monumental stones full of mysteries. Further north are the natural pools of the Park. At the South of Praia Mole, also accessible by a beautiful trail with amazing views and double flight points of paragliding and hang gliding, it is located in Gravatá Beach, a small beach where you can see the Mole and Galheta beaches, and also has with archaeological sites, secret beaches and views of the beach of Joaquina and the Municipal Park of Lagoa da Conceição Dunes. The park of the dunes connects the Lagoa da Conceição margins to Joaquina beach, through its extensive network of dunes, where you can play in the sand with boards that can be rented there. The region stands out by offering a range of sports and nautical equipment rental services, as well as diving courses and extreme sports such as surfing and sailing. A quieter option is enjoy a schooner and be enchanted by the beautiful hidden corners of the lake. Near the hotel guests can count on several facilities such as bars, typical restaurants, conventional and international restaurants, market, bakery, pharmacy, banks, among others, as nightclubs, which has been highlighted the famous John Bull Pub. Even more entrancing is Lagoa downtown, with its vast trade and the famous Feirinha da Lagoa (Street Fair). Finally the icing on the cake, the Costa da Lagoa, only accessible by boat or trail, this corner protected by the historical heritage of the city, home to a fishing community, artists and people hippest. The Costa da Lagoa is the ideal place for buy a ticket for boating to the waterfall and then indulge in some of their restaurants the shores of Lagoa da Conceição. In the heart of the island, the Lagoa da Conceição is a universe apart. Postcard of the city, has a water mirror 19.71 square kilometers surrounded by green hills and a complete support structure for water sports, bars and restaurants. The Lagoa da Conceição is keen to preserve the secular Azorean culture, whether in cooking, folklore or routine activities such as fishing for mullet and making bobbin lace. But it is always nature that runs the show in the capital of Santa Catarina. The beaches multiply two large lakes, dunes and hills covered by the Atlantic Forest satisfy any sports or leisure claim.